Web and mobile app testing company uTest has delivered on a promise from last year to rebrand the company as Applause, marking the occasion by announcing the acquisition of crowdtesting platform Testhub.

As well as broadening its tool set and potential user base, the “multi-million dollar” buy-out gives US-based Applause a footing in the European market.The name change isn’t simply a rebranding exercise either; the company says it is refocusing its efforts on a more holistic approach to ensure app quality and wanted a new name to reflect its new approach. Applause “Modern app quality is no longer just a developer or QA problem; it’s a CIO problem, a marketing problem, a sales problem and a CEO problem.  As Applause, we bring together a range for testing services and app quality tools to enable companies to achieve this,” Applause CEO Doron Reuveni said.

With no shortage of rival testing services available, Applause’s acquisition and new testing approach is a smart move that will enable it to offer a wider range of services to potential clients.

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