CodeBunk, a platform for collaborative coding and feedback, has announced that it now supports a range of new programming languages.

As well as being a shared space for coding, the service is aimed primarily at bringing the tech recruitment space up to speed. The company says that online interviews are the norm in the tech industry but that the hiring processes for technical roles normally involve several rounds of interviews using tools like Skype, Collabedit/Google Docs, and a final review process where the code is checked by the interviewer.

CodeBunk, on the other hand, provides all of these tools in one package, and since the update also supports: Java, Erlang, Haskell, Julia, Clojure and Go, in addition to already-supported languages like C, C++, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and more. As well as adding new language support, collaborative Bunks are now a paid-for service that require booking user sessions (an hour each) if you want someone else to be able to edit your Bunks.

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Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock