AirPair, the service that allows its users to get technical help from devs on-demand, has launched a new feature designed to take the pain out of integrating APIs from some of the Web’s most popular services.

The new Trusted Partner Community Experts option provides access to people who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to integrating APIs from the likes of Twilio, Stripe, Tokbox, Balanced, Evernote, Adroll, and a dozen other companies.

AirPair decided to build the API integration feature into a core offering as it found that many of its users were making use of the service specifically to get in touch with experts for API integrations. The partners chosen so far have each selected their own experts from dev communities to help out with user requests, or have otherwise helped to vet experts that were already active on AirPair and capable of providing help.

In short, if you’re in need of API integration advice for any of the listed companies and are willing to pay by the hour to get it, AirPair’s ‘Trusted Partner Community Experts’ are ready and waiting.

➤ AirPair

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock