Ditch lorem ipsum for BLOKK: The perfect font for quick mock-ups and wireframing

Ditch lorem ipsum for BLOKK: The perfect font for quick mock-ups and wireframing

Lorem ipsum, the Latin placeholder text often used when submitting designs to clients, has long been a popular choice for designers. As we’ve previously noted, Latin isn’t much like English, and so it can be misleading to use Latin filler text when designing type-heavy sites.

But sometimes, using any filler text at all can be too much at the earliest stages of a design. Especially when exploring possible layouts and doing thumbnail sketches (or the digital equivalent), a simple way to suggest where type will go is all that’s needed.

So. Much. Tech.

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That is the role BLOKK fills; it’s a font made up of dashes (almost like what you’d find in a cartoon newspaper) for quick mock-ups and wireframing, and it’s awesome.


Yes, BLOKK is quite simplistic, but there’s something clever about it; it’s both a useful and comical way of rethinking filler text.

As an alternative, you can also take a look at Redacted, an open source project by Christian Naths based heavily on BLOKK, with interesting script variants. Incidentally, a developer by the name of Cullen MacDonald has even created a bookmarklet, dubbed “Redactor,” to let you try Redacted on any site. Check that out by dragging this link: Redactor into your bookmarks bar, and try BLOKK via the link below.


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