Watch Mozilla show off the Firefox OS Gaia UI, Marketplace and more

Watch Mozilla show off the Firefox OS Gaia UI, Marketplace and more

Since first being announced back in July 2011, Mozilla has slowly but steadily revealed new details of its upcoming mobile operating system, Firefox OS (formerly Boot to Gecko).

Now, a few months after giving a Firefox OS introductory talk in Brazil, Mozilla has decided to share both the videos and the slides from presentations by Andreas Gal, Mozilla’s Director of Research, and Philipp von Weitershausen, one of Firefox OS’ lead engineers.

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Starting with a very high-level introduction on the emergence of modern Web browsers, and finishing off with WebAPIs & UI hacking, any developers interested in what’s currently happening in the Firefox OS world should give the videos below a look. Expect to learn about everything from the Firefox OS software stack and Gaia UI to the Firefox Marketplace and development environment.

Note: Mozilla tells TNW that the screenshots in these presentations refer to an early build of B2G.

If you’re interested in checking out the slides, they’re available in PDF, Keynote and PowerPoint format here.

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Image Credit: JOERG KOCH / Getty Images

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