Website marketplace Flippa has published some interesting data about the most popular platforms powering the websites its users have bought and sold over the past year.

It shows the increasing and declining demand for different e-commerce platforms, content management systems, forum packages and custom-built sites compared to last year, as measured by sales of websites through Flippa.

Some of the highlights? In e-commerce, Shopify holds steady as the most in-demand option and commands the highest average selling price, while Magento has seen a 31.7% decrease in demand on last year. Website owners clearly aren’t keen on the platform, which was acquired by eBay last year, as it’s the most sold e-commerce platform on Flippa.

Demand for WordPress as a CMS is declining, while others, like Drupal are on the rise. Social publishing platform Pligg has seen the largest rise in demand this year, although WordPress remains dominant overall, in both supply and demand, although Drupal has the highest overall value in terms of sales.

For these and many more insights into what’s popular on the second-hand website market, read on. Click the image for a larger version.

Header image credit: Comstock / Thinkstock