The new ‘Pay with Stripe’ button makes online payments feel less like a Darth Vader death grip

The new ‘Pay with Stripe’ button makes online payments feel less like a Darth Vader death ...

If you’re reading this post, I have no doubt you’ve purchased something online before, and while PayPal was once known for easing the pain of that process, you can’t deny that digital payments has stagnated as the rest of the Web elevated in general usability. Now, as payments continue to be a frustrating mess, dev-focused startup Stripe is teasing us with its new “Pay with Stripe” button, currently in beta.

As you can see in the gif below (and the full-quality demo here), Stripe has done a simple, but beautiful thing: it turned the garbage that is the average payment form and made it suck less. The button alone may not blow you away (if you’re a designer, it may), but the fact that something this gorgeous has the potential to become wide-spread makes us excited. Normally, you’d only find a gem like this design on Dribbble.

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Stripe’s Button makes it even easier to integrate Stripe directly into your website. We’ll take care of building and styling credit card inputs, validation, error handling, and sending the encrypted card number securely to Stripe.

Am I just gushing, or is this feeling mutual? Either way, I’m hoping PayPal, Google and everyone else follows suit, because buying something online should be frictionless by now.

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