Digital payments startup Jumio has today released its Netswipe Mobile SDK, which allows developers to add credit card scanning capabilities to their iOS apps. With this release, Jumio is giving away $5 million worth of scanning fees to young startups and developers. More then anything, it’s a great incentive for developers to try the SDK out before committing to paying for it.

The SDK is currently available for iOS and will be available for Android soon. According to the announcement, the new SDK is a “fast and easy way to implement reliable credit card capturing into mobile apps,” and there is no need for extra hardware.

Currently, the following cards can be used with Netswipe Mobile: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Maestro. Beyond the $5 million “giveaway,” standard pricing runs at 0.10 US$/scan.

screenios1 Jumio opens Netswipe Mobile SDK, gives away $5M worth of scanning fees to startups

From Daniel Mattes, Founder and CEO of Jumio Inc.:

Have you ever tried typing in credit card details on a mobile phone? Our SDK is a fast and easy way to implement reliable credit card capturing into mobile apps. Users don’t have to type in their card details anymore, they just quickly scan their card.

In case you haven’t stayed up to date on Jumio, the company was founded in 2010 by Daniel Mattes, employs ~50 people and has a total funding of $35.4 million to date. You can learn more about the new SDK via the links below:

➤ Netswipe Mobile SDK & Implementation Guide