Bear CSS creates the perfect stylesheet template based on your HTML

Bear CSS creates the perfect stylesheet template based on your HTML

It’s not easy to find the perfect workflow for Web development, but after a certain amount of time, many devs start working off of their own templates as a starting point. In the end, there’s often no need to write out your stylesheet from scratch, even if it just means having the body, paragraph and header elements in there.

Bear CSS is a handy little tool for Web designers. It generates a CSS template containing all the HTML elements, classes & IDs defined in your markup. Simply write your HTML, upload it and a CSS template will automatically be generated based on whatever HTML elements you used.

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This tool isn’t for everyone, but it has the potential to be a huge timesaver for some workflows, plus the organizational structure of the stylesheets it generates is quite elegant!

The project was created by two MA Multidisciplinary Design students in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and was built with Coda, a rather charming Web development tool for the Mac. Also, the bear mascot is amazing.

Can you picture this in your development workflow? Let us know in the comments below!

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