Envato today launched its Envato Elite program, an incentive program that rewards the best performers on the Envato Marketplaces as they scale the ranks through the platform’s game-like leveling progression.

Marketplace users who sell items through vertical-oriented meta-sites (such as ThemeForest, the most lucrative) built on the one platform earn “paws” for each earnings bracket they move through, gaining access to a higher level of revenue share with each level.

Envato Elite adds to that experience, with rewards that range from celebratory — such as a Superbowl-like ring and, at the very top of the ladder, a first class flight out to Envato HQ in Melbourne — to the practical, such as paid-for advertising campaigns and access to a price adjuster that allows users to increase the cost of their files by up to 30%.

Elite levels begin at $75,000 sold, and the “max level” in MMO parlance is $10,000,000 — that’s when authors get flown to Australia.

CEO Collis Ta’eed says the Envato Elite program has been in development conceptually for a long time, and the price adjuster is a new component of that for serious authors in response to recent questions over Envato’s accessible pricing policy.