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In a technology obsessed industry, the future is often in the headlines. At the same time, retro revivals and a thirst for nostalgia have continually proven a steady trend for a contrast.

This month, our friends at CreativeMornings are highlighting the theme of Heritage. For me, it’s extremely timely, coming just one month after losing my 96-year-old grandfather — and discovering his meticulously documented collection of photographic slides.

GrandpaGrandma Julia and Grandpa Kenneth Fallon in Washington D.C. by Kenneth Fallon

Visuals of the past can be alluring for a multitude of reasons. In my case, I focus on the story behind them, allowing them to embody those moments for as long as possible before giving in to the next urge to check my most recent Twitter notification.

To me, heritage is about proof — proof of the uncertain. Ultimately, we take the stories of what has gone before, make them our own, and eventually pass them along to following generations, who will continue the cycle.

Here’s to building memories — history, even, with the visual arts.

static.squarespace-1Vintage background with watch by Vadim Georgiev

shutterstock_85870159Thai typeset word in letterpress by worradirek

static.squarespace-2Two women in Beirut, Lebanon by Marko5

static.squarespace-3Stretched and uncooked pizza dough with tomato sauce by area381

static.squarespace-4Lighting decoration with vintage bulbs by Hadrian

static.squarespace-5Old and digital photo cameras by Poprotskiy Alexey.