You may already know Madefire’s Motion Book, the free iPad app that lets you view all those fast-action, interactive digital comic books with 360-degree panoramic views, music, sound effects and your choice of motion transport.

Today, Madefire has let loose its cloud-based Motion Book Tool, the authoring program behind those works, so that all artists and creators can build and share their own original works. It is available to anyone with a Web browser and an Internet connection, and is free of charge.

But that’s not all. Artists who publish through the Madefire Motion Book Tool can also upload and share their work directly to DeviantArt — the online artist social community — in addition to the Madefire app for iOS and Windows 8 platforms.

The partnership between DeviantArt and Madefire makes sense both in terms of the level of creativity invested in their sites and the audience they appeal to. Madefire is already a staple at publishers like DC, IDW and Dark Horse Comics.

The Motion Book Tool features a user-friendly interface and requires no coding or technical skill. A timeline of art assets, effects, and tap points dictate how the story unfolds and can be configured via drag and drop.

Madefire Motion Book Tool