If you love photography, Visual.ly is featuring some historically valuable eye candy that you may want to post somewhere within your line of sight.

A Short History of Photographic Camera, a poster from Retrofuturismo-Kitsch, depicts the progression of the camera from the earliest pre-digital Camera Obscura to the Sony Mavica in 1981. As designed, it is a compilation of the most popular photographic cameras of their respective eras, so the choice of which models to include naturally covers some little-known specimens of the genre, though other entries are more familiar.

496c155293774564d42d51f072826461 Stunning full size poster of historical cameras is available free for download

Historically accurate and beautifully drawn, this fascinating look back to analog is available free at high-resolution for your printing pleasure.

Retrofuturismo-Kitsch (hat tip to Petapixel)