While it may or may not be true that cats rule the planet, plenty of empirical evidence suggests that cats are nonetheless behind major sparks of artistic inspiration from so-called dominant humans, either because or in spite of our pathetic attempts to get on their good side.

When you share your home with a cat or two, the whole proprietary ownership concept starts to break down. So ad agency AMV BBDO’s creative team just gave in to the inevitable with a new ad campaign for Whiskas, the commercial food cats like to turn their little noses up at.

Here’s a map of your property from Fluffy’s perspective. Especially enticing is the Sofa Canyon (see, they’re just like us) and the Laundry Mound. Additional maps give larger and more complete perspectives, including the garden where, over the fence, dogs lie in wait.

whiskas map 03a 0 1 730x498 This is your house, from a cats eye view

The Whiskas campaign won an Ad of the Week shoutout from Creative Review, the advertising, design and visual culture blog. 

whiskas map 01b 0 730x498 This is your house, from a cats eye view

For the rest of the drawings, see Creative Review.