Lindsay Comstock is a New York-based writer, photographer, and editor. Her work has appeared in American Photo, PDN, Rangefinder, and in her own image-based projects. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been adapted with permission.

With much of the Northern Hemisphere was blanketed in snow and chilly temperatures stifling outdoor movement this winter, these five artists reignite the promise of warmer, more flower-filled days.

From seamless floral backgrounds and bursting watercolors to a blooming psychedelic digital display and photos of flowers suspended in ice, your springtime inspiration is here.

Lola Tsvetaeva

Lola Tsvetaeva | Seamless vector background with flowers and leavesLola Tsvetaeva | Seamless vector background with flowers and leaves

Natasha R. Graham

Natasha R. Graham | Hand-painted poppy illustrationNatasha R. Graham | Hand-painted poppy illustration


agsandrew | Color Swirls seriesagsandrew | Color swirls series 


foryouinf | Frozen flowers of apple tree

foryouinf | Frozen flowers of apple tree

Andrekart Photography

Andrekart Photography | Vintage Pastel RosesAndrekart Photography | Vintage Pastel Roses