Lindsay Comstock is a New York-based writer, photographer, and editor. Her work has appeared in American Photo, PDN, Rangefinder, and in her own image-based projects. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been adapted with permission.

Artists are often envisioning the future within their work—and architectural visionaries are often designing dwellings, offices, and other structures made from improbable points of perspective. The five artists below use photography and illustration to play with architectural spaces and lines—both real and imagined—and create inspiring images about structure. Scroll down to see outstanding work from these artists, from abstracted geodesic domes to minimalist interior landscapes.


static.squarespace 730x474 5 artists inspired by modern architectureyampi | Luxurious modern wooden staircase

Yuriy Bel’mesov

static.squarespace 1 730x730 5 artists inspired by modern architectureYuriy Bel’mesov | Architectural background, 3D image


static.squarespace 2 730x910 5 artists inspired by modern architecturejl661227 | 3D business building 


static.squarespace 3 730x756 5 artists inspired by modern architectureALIENFORCE | Abstract spiral staircase

Sira Anamwong

static.squarespace 4 730x511 5 artists inspired by modern architectureSira Anamwong | Abstract skylight, conceptual architecture

Top image: Modern building downtown by Yuriy Bel’mesov