Bizz Buzz launched today as Australia’s only group buying site dedicated to small business deals.

While Australia has seen many Groupon copycats, and Groupon itself owns a separately-branded service in Australia, none of them aim straight for small business.

As an example, Bizz Buzz’s introductory coupon offers 60 days of access to, a service that takes care of data entry and categorization for receipts, for free.

Entrepreneur Marcus Layton founded Bizz Buzz when he saw a gap in the market despite everyone jumping on the Groupon craze.

“Although the number of sites out there offering cheap cupcakes and nail polishing services has become a bit ridiculous, no-one has addressed the needs of business owners,” Layton said.

“Bizz Buzz is not my first venture. Having started my first business with less than $1000, it was necessary to learn how to be frugal when purchasing goods and services to grow the company. It was what I learnt through these experiences that has led me to launch Bizz Buzz.”