A new ‘hackathon’ is aiming to use the brains and innovation in Silicon Valley to find new ways to deliver information into North Korea.

Current initiatives for smuggling information into the communist country include balloons carrying USBs, radio broadcasts and smuggling leaflets, but the Disrupt North Korea event — arranged by New York-based non-profit The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) — aims to tap into tech minds (there will be no actual hacking) to “disrupt the dictatorship’s information monopoly”.

The event takes place August 2-3 will be attended by a number of activists and prominent defectors who will give participants background information and other contextual details to help seed ideas.

There is no confirmed date for the event yet — we’ve contacted HRF for details. Update: HRF says the event is invite only, but anyone interesting in attending can contact the organization via the email address listed on its website.

Hackathon aims to harness Silicon Valley smarts on North Korea [North Korea Tech] Via Tech In Asia

Thumbnail image via Denis Rozhnovsky / Shutterstock