China is booming! Here are some business tips from the insiders

China is booming! Here are some business tips from the insiders

The internet market in China is enormous and growing. As Jon was writing earlier Chinese citizens spend significantly more time on the internet than Americans and, in spite of Chinese rules and regulations there are some enviable Chinese internet giants (Sina Weibo, China Mobile, and a thriving web scene.

No wonder that more and more western companies are looking in the eastern direction. For those of you, who are considering the step east, we’ve gathered top tips from successful western entrepreneurs in China.

All Killer, No Filler

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We are here at TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing where we asked a few of them the following question: if they were to advise western tech entrepreneurs and if they could give one tip only on how to do business in China, what would it be?

1. Marc van der Chijs (co-founder fo Tudou and co-founder of recently launched United styles):

2. Steve Mushero, founder & CEO of ChinaNetCloud:

3. Frank Yu, the (american) founder of Kwestr

4. And finally, Michael Kleist, founder of TradeSparq.

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