Twitter is already well known in Japan among the tech circles, but it’s about to go mainstream.

On April 15th public TV channel FujiTV starts airing the new drama about five young people meeting and starting relationships on a social network; no not Mixi the most popular social network in Japan, but Twitter.

This is Japan’s “Oprah moment”, where many in the general public unfamiliar with Twitter will hear about the site for the first time. How much Twitter plays into the shows story is yet to be seen, but many in the general public are likely to join after seeing it featured on the show.

The question is will these new members grok the service? Is Twitter easy enough to understand for the average person? Or will they tweet once, only never to return as many of Oprah’s fans did.

The show is entitled “Sunao ni Narenakute: Hard to say I love you“, and starts airing Thursday, April 15th at 10 PM on FujiTV.