Rocket Internet gets into the speedy grocery deliveries game with ShopWings

Rocket Internet gets into the speedy grocery deliveries game with ShopWings

The first new startup launch for incubator/clone factory Rocket Internet following its recent mega-IPO is a step into a model that has already proved popular in parts of the USA – fast delivery of grocery orders.

Launching first in Munich, Germany, ShopWings will use a network of ‘personal shoppers’ to deliver from local stores within two hours of an order being placed. Customers will pay the retail price of the items plus a €4.90 ($6.21) delivery charge.

New York, are you ready?

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In the USA, companies like Postmates and Instacart have proved popular with time-starved professionals looking to get hold of food and other goods on a whim without having to leave the house or office.

In Europe, we’ve seen less of this kind of play to date. Jinn is currently in operation in London, offering one-hour deliveries from stores and restaurants, but Pocket Shop both launched and shuttered in the UK capital last year after struggling to find enough regular customers.

As with all of its startups, Rocket Internet says that it plans to expand ShopWings to more cities and countries quickly assuming it proves successful. Knowing how cold Munich can be in the winter months, I’d certainly be tempted to use it rather than venture out into the streets if I lived there.


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