Use crowdsourced data to find out what’s draining your iPhone battery

Use crowdsourced data to find out what’s draining your iPhone battery

A new app called Normal might help you finally get to the bottom of your iPhone’s disappointing battery life.

Unlike any other iPhone battery tracking app, Normal uses crowdsourced data from everyone using the app to provide personal advice on how to improve your battery. Once installed, Normal starts giving actionable suggestions like ‘kill Google to save 1 hour of battery life’ rather than just presenting you with stats.

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The real beauty of Normal is being able to see if your battery drain is normal compared to others using the same model of iPhone. Each app listing tells you if your apps are draining battery more heavily than on average (which could indicate a problem) and how much more power you could get by avoiding particular apps altogether.

Normal is $0.99 on the App Store which is absolutely worth the price if you manage to squeeze a few more hours out of your iPhone every day. You need to consent to your anonymous battery data being used before you can open Normal, so make sure you’re comfortable before buying the app.

➀ Normal [App Store]

Feature image: Gerard Julien / Getty Images

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