Amazon has taken a surprisingly generous move by opening up support for its exclusive Fire TV game Sev Zero to Android devices other than its own Fire tablets, Android Police reports.

The support comes in the form of a companion app called ‘Sev Zero: Air Support’ which allows for a two-player experience for the Amazon Game Studios’ Halo-esque Sev Zero on Fire TV. The app was only available on the Kindle Fire HDX, but has now been opened up for all Android tablets in Google Play.

Of course, the app won’t work unless you have a Fire TV on which to play Sev Zero. Even though locking the Fire TV into only Amazon devices will probably help to sell more Fire tablets, the fact that Amazon is looking beyond its ecosystem to make it more convenient for Android tablet owners to experience Fire TV fully shows its foresight — after all, this could mean an easier onboarding of Fire TV and a better user experience overall.

Amazon Releases Sev Zero: Air Support To The Play Store, Lets Non-Fire Tablets Join In On The Fun