The BBC is today introducing its latest mobile app in the UK, as it looks to help encourage kids to read from a young age.

Available for iOS and Android, CBeebies Storytime features many of the familiar CBeebies characters across six books, including Old Jack’s Boat, Show Me Show Me, Something Special, Grandpa in my Pocket, Octonauts and Charlie and Lola.

The app encourages interaction from the readers through swiping and touching, and getting involved within each story. ‘Recall’ questions are also designed to help kids develop comprehension skills.

The app has two reading options: ‘Read to Me’ and ‘Read by Myself’, geared towards children of different levels.


There’s also a section for parents that includes tips on how to support their children’s reading development.

Today’s launch comes almost a year after CBeebies’ first mobile app, Playtime, which has since notched up three million downloads.

➤ CBeebies Storytime [Apple App Store / Google Play]