Distiller is now a social network for whisky lovers

Distiller is now a social network for whisky lovers

Back in February, we brought you news on Distiller, an iPhone app that’s striving to be the ultimate whisky-drinker’s companion.

Distiller analyzes tens-of-thousands of data points across flavors, price, reputation and more, then delivers personalized whisky recommendations from around the world. It later arrived for Android too.

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Today, Distiller is expanding beyond a simple recommendation engine into a fully fledged social network for whisky drinkers, where fans of a dram can hang out, swap notes, share favorites and learn about a multitude of different malts.

How it looks

You’ll now see your own dedicated activity feed alongside a whisky notes page.


And your personal profile page serves as a Twitter-like gateway to every facet of your account, including your wishlist, ratings, collection and feed. But perhaps more importantly, this is where you can see all your following/followers count. Alternatively you can also now search for specific whiskys/whiskeys, as well as specific members.


Niche social networks are nothing new, and Distiller isn’t even the first such platform for whisky drinkers, but with a focus on mobile underpinned by a lovely design, it should prove popular for malt-lovers the world over.

➤ Distiller: | Google Play | App Store

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