Fresh from revamping its own Galaxy App Store, Samsung has upgraded its Kids Store which – as the name suggests – covers apps that cater for youngsters and is part of the ‘kids mode’ on two of its newest devices.

The store is limited to the Galaxy S5 smartphone and Galaxy Tab S tablet at this point, but Samsung says that it now includes 900 apps dedicated to children, including games, educational apps and more. As well as stocking child-friendly content, kids mode gives parents greater peace of mind with a password protection feature that prevents children from getting access to unsuitable apps, or racking up huge bills with paid downloads.


As a parent myself, I know Samsung is on to something here. Though I don’t give my kids a lot of time with tablets and mobile devices, it makes sense to create a specific setting to cater to youngsters when they do pick up devices.

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Headline image via Tom Wang / Shutterstock