Facetune finally takes its portrait and selfie photo-editor to Android

Facetune finally takes its portrait and selfie photo-editor to Android

Way back in March last year, we brought you news on Facetune, calling it an intuitive, easy way to touch up portrait photos.

The previously $1.99 app (now $2.99) from Israel-based developer Lightricks proved to be something of a hit among the iOS fraternity, quickly rising up the charts to become one of the top paid tools in the App Store. And today, due to popular demand, it’s available on Android too.

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Given the rise of the selfie in recent times, and with front-facing cameras improving all the time, Facetune will work just as well for those looking to enhance their self-portraits too.


The app can be used to perfect smiles, either by widening the mouth or whitening the teeth. You can also remove blemishes, smooth-out skin, remove dark circles from under the eyes, emphasize eyes for a penetrating gaze, refine jaw-lines, heighten cheek-bones and more. Basically, it will let you transform yourself into someone else, and let you instantly share the edited snaps across the usual social channels.

You can download Facetune from Google Play now, costing $2.99 or your local currency equivalent.

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