Jawbone has updated its UP app for UP and UP24 wristbands to provide easier food logging options and the ability to set goals for weight management and calorie intake.

Available now for iOS devices, the app has an entirely new interface for logging food and meals and a separate ‘water logger’ so you can track your hydration levels easily too.

The company said that as well as redesigning the logger, it now offers more comprehensive logging of food when you’re in the home and while you’re out-and-about, including access to nutritional information for well-known chain restaurants.


Other notable new features include the ability to set weight goals and track your progress towards them, helped along by daily calorie recommendations, food-specific insights and personalized “Today I Will” commitments.

There’s also a handy numerical ‘food score’ assigned to ingredients and dishes to help you see at a glance how healthy a meal or its individual items are.

We’ve asked Jawbone when Android users can expect to see the same features and will update you in due course.

➤ UP by Jawbone [App Store]

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images