Snapchat wants you to explore. The company today introduced a new ‘geofilters’ feature which, as the name suggests, will give you new stickers when you visit specific places in Los Angeles and New York.

To unlock them, the company says you merely need to swipe right on the preview screen. An air of mystery will probably surround them in the beginning, although I doubt it’ll take long before a ‘master list’ is put together.

Geofilters could also give Snapchat a new revenue stream. If event organisers want to promote their next concert or festival, there’s an opportunity to connect with Snapchat and tempt users with some one-of-a-kind photo filters.

Have you unlocked a geofilter yet? Let us know in the comments below. As The Verge reports, one special sticker has already been spotted at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Perhaps they’re available elsewhere too…

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