Shazam today updated its iOS app with full song playback, powered by Rdio. You can download the new version now directly from Apple’s App Store.

Unfortunately, the new option is only available to Rdio users: subscribers will now see a redesigned play button that allows them to listen to the full track after Shazaming a song. If you aren’t an Rdio subscriber, you’ll be prompted to install the Rdio app. Shazam says this further establishes it as “a hub for effortless music exploration” by allowing users to find and play content without leaving the app.

iOS_Rdio_Play_Button_Visual - Banks

We contacted Shazam to find out if the feature would be arriving on Android as well, and were told an update was launching “in the next few days.” The company also plans to add more streaming services, though it wouldn’t say which ones, “in the coming weeks.”

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brisbane