If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had your fill of weather-related apps. But that doesn’t mean you’re not interested in getting one-up on mother nature by pre-empting any storms that may or may not be heading your way.

Depending on which weather forecast you look at, the outcome may look slightly different. This is where Climendo, a Swedish startup that compares and combines weather forecasts for your specific location, comes in. It’s an aggregator, if you will.

It’s just brought a particularly interesting new feature to its iPhone app, one that tells you which provider was the most accurate for your area based on actual weather station data for the past week.

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Photo 09-07-2014 14 26 41

In effect, it helps you separate the amateurs from the A-List providers to know which one deserves your attention, even if you decide never to use Climendo itself again.

Though the feature is only available in the iPhone version for now, we’re told that it will be added to the Android and Web versions of the app within a few weeks.

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