Google Now has added a new reminder option which will persistently dog you about to-dos or tasks on a semi-ongoing basis. The addition of the ‘occasionally’ reminder option, which was first spotted by Android Police, may not seem significant at first, but it throws up a couple of interesting usage options.

Rather than specifically setting up a task for a particular day, date or time — which is then dismissed and disappears from view forever — the new option keeps an ongoing reminder. At this early point, though, it isn’t clear how regularly that ‘occasional’ reminders will be shown to users.

Screenshot 2014 07 07 03.33.59 730x424 Google Now gets a new occasional reminder option for recurring tasks and events

Nonetheless, if you want to remind yourself to do (or be) something on a regular basis, without consigning the reminder to history by dismissing the alert, then Google Now has you covered. Although, whether services like Google Keep, Evernote, or other online to-do lists are better suited for the task is up to you.

Google Now Adds An ‘Occasionally’ Reminder Option, For When It’s Only Kinda Important [Android Police]

Thumbnail image via TNW, screenshot via Android Police