Human, the app that set out with a goal of getting people moving for 30 minutes or more every day, has launched a visualization tool which allows you to see what activities people around the world are doing the most often.

Launched today, the company says that it has visualized over 7.5 million miles of activity in cities around the world to produce the stats. So, if you’ve always wondered whether people in Amsterdam were more pedestrian in nature than people in, say, London, now you can check. If you were wondering that, they’re not, though they do take to their bikes much more readily.

Amsterdam is actually the top city for cycling, while Washington took the top spot for walking and Berlin for running. Los Angeles is clearly the biggest fan of motorized transport, according to these stats. As well as giving you the percentages, the page also shows the most popular routes for each activity in each city.

Human Cities

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock