German technology incubator Rocket Internet is most commonly associated with being a ‘clone factory’ that creates imitations of successful businesses — and one of them is food delivery app Foodpanda, which operates in over 20 countries.

But it can’t be accused of staying stagnant — Foodpanda has finally taken a huge step forward with the addition of in-app mobile payment options (though admittedly it has added this much later than its competitors including Just Eat and GrubHub). The new feature just requires you to add in your credit card details and then you can go cashless for any food orders you place — no worries about having no cash on hand when the delivery man swings by.


However, the option is only available if restaurants support online payment and are integrated into Foodpanda’s system — which, in Singapore where I am based, throw up zero options. This shows that Foodpanda probably has quite some legwork to do before its cashless system is widely-used, but in any case it’s still a useful feature. (UPDATE: A Foodpanda spokesperson tells us that it does have online payment in the vast majority of restaurants listed in Singapore, but there are still some issues with getting the mobile payment up and running in a few countries, which will be resolved in the coming weeks.)


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Image Credit: Mark Turnauckas/Flickr