EverythingMe is one of many Android launchers that offer a quick way to change the look and functionality of your smartphone. After shedding its beta tag in February and launching in the US, UK, Germany and Spain, the app is now available worldwide.

The contextual launcher rebuilds your homescreen based on the time of day and where you are. A ‘Prediction Bar’ at the bottom, positioned just above your dock, will show four app icons based on the time of day. When you wake up, it might show you a weather app, Twitter and Flipboard. When you arrive at work, they’ll be switched out for job-specific tools such as Dropbox and LinkedIn.

A useful search bar lies in wait at the top of your homescreen. Rather like Spotlight in iOS, you can type and immediately access your most frequently used contacts and apps. The latter is also organized automatically into folders based around specific themes, such as Social, Games and News. The promise is that over time, EverythingMe will learn your preferences and ensure you have the optimal home screen and apps, 24 hours a day.

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