Everyone’s had at least one Netflix binge; where you end up watching hours of TV despite intending to watch only one episode, thanks to Netflix’s automatically playing the next episode.

That particular binge-enabling feature is called ‘Post-Play’ and had strangely been missing from the service’s mobile apps until today.

Netflix announced that it’s released an update for Android phones/tablets as well as the Kindle Fire that brings Post-Play to these devices and will begin automatically queuing up episodes/movies at the end of the current content like it does on the website for automatic playback.

The company also confirmed that it will be bringing the same feature to Chromecast in the future, but didn’t announce a date.

If you’re running Android, you can grab the update now, or download the app from the Google Play store if you don’t have it already.

Netflix [Google Play Store]

Feature Image: AFP/Getty Images