The UK-only, Tesco-owned TV and movie streaming service Blinkbox has today launched a standalone app for the Xbox One games console.

The app allows users to access Blinkbox’s repository of film and TV content, and finally brings support to Microsoft’s current-gen console – a move prompted by a general shift in trends towards media consumption via games consoles, rather than PCs.

“We’ve been on the Xbox 360 for a while and together with PlayStation, we’ve seen games consoles overtake computers as popular devices for enjoying our service,” Blinkbox’s managing director Adrian Letts said.

The company also promised that it’s already working on supporting Chromecast devices in the future, but didn’t say exactly when.

➤ Blinkbox lands on Xbox One with dedicated app, coming to Chromecast soon [Blinkbox]

Featured Image Credit – Thinkstock