If you’re an Android device owner who is into streaming, then AllCast is probably an app you know well… or at least you should. The service lets you beam an array of content from your smartphone to set-top boxes and smart TVs. Now it has a companion app (AllCast Receiver for Android) which, as the name suggests, lets you send the aforementioned mix of media to other Android smartphones or tablets.

That could be useful for watching a smartphone video on a tablet, walking a friend (or parent?) through problems they are having or new apps, or just plain old media sharing.

The regular AllCast app now also offers support for Google Play Music, although it requires the host device to be rooted — that’s something that may not appeal to all users. Regardless, you can grab the updated app and its companion at the links below.

AllCast | All Cast Receiver [Via Koush/Google+]

Image via etnyk / Flickr