2011 TechStars alumni FullContact is introducing Zapier integration to its business card scanner app for iOS and Android.

For the uninitiated, FullContact offers a unified digital address book for Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other digital contacts-based services. It taps publicly-accessible data to automatically complete missing information in your contacts list, thus eliminating duplicate, partial, and out-of-date records. And with its Card Reader app, users simply snap a picture of a business card, letting humans (rather than OCR) add the information to your account.

Zapier is a service that syncs data between apps through triggers and actions to automate tasks.


By connecting the two, this effectively lets FullContact users scan their business cards into more than 250 third-party services, including LinkedIn, Hubspot, Evernote, Google Docs, MailChimp and more. Before, you could only integrate with Salesforce and your FullContact address book, so this opens things up massively.

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Full Contact