Hot on the heels of Mailjet‘s $3 million funding round back in March and the launch of its New York office, the French startup has introduced some key new features to its email management platform.

In a nutshell, Mailjet helps companies send transactional and marketing emails backed with analytics to track and monitor campaigns accordingly. Now, it’s looking to move beyond A/B testing with a so-called ‘A/x testing’ tool, letting marketers cross-compare up to 10 versions of emails based on a range of variables, including subject line, send time, sender’s name, reply-to, and the content itself.


The upshot of this is that users can garner data from a smaller test group, before sending the final ‘optimized’ version out more widely.

Additionally, a new Campaign Comparison tool helps marketers compare, visualize and analyze up to 10 different campaigns over time, looking at the most effective ones week-by-week, month-by-month or year-by-year. This lets them analyze related campaigns, such as ‘company newsletters’, and look at which ones gained most traction and why. While new segmentation features means different emails can be sent to different end-users (e.g. one specifically for CEOs or Marketing Managers).

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