Sometimes you’ve just got to let go of the past. SoundCloud is finally shutting down access to its old-style interface next week, it has announced in an email to users.

The audio-sharing service rolled out a new Web interface to all users way back in December 2012. However, it maintained an option to switch back to the previous design as not all features were available in the new design.

In its email to users, SoundCloud says that keeping both designs up and running was just proving too hard:

“The complexities of keeping two SoundCloud websites up and communicating with each other at a global scale has been extremely difficult, causing increased outages on both sites and slowed the platform as a whole.”

Now that most features from the Classic mode are available in the newer interface, SoundCloud shouldn’t face too much of a revolt when it flicks the switch some time next week. Still, the email it has sent out is incredibly polite, presumably just in case. After all, some users were pretty angry about the new interface when it launched.

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