How do you retain credit for photos and videos you share on the fly? Well, when you’re a journalist whose handiwork may be retweeted by hundreds of people in seconds, you launch your own insta-watermarking app.

Vice’s Tim Pool, who’s renowned for his mobile- and wearables-based reporting, has unveiled, a free iPhone app that lets you automatically add a name, logo, location, and timestamp to your photos and videos. So every snap or clip you create will automatically sport this aforementioned data (if it’s enabled), and you can also add it retrospectively to previously-captured content.

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Photo 29-04-2014 15 17 52

While there are other apps out there that do similar things, the ease-of-use and narrow focus (it’s not feature-rich) should see it gain some fans. Plus, it’s completely free – for now, at least.

“With my photos I’m getting 50 to 100 retweets and there’s no way for anyone to know the photo was mine, I’m not getting credit for it and then it’s getting picked up and put on news websites and I’m thinking how do I get my website on there,” says Pool in an interview with That’s what is all about, and it’s live in the App Store now. | App Store [via]