Lowdown brings its iPhone app for ‘smarter meetings’ beyond the UK and into 21 new markets

Lowdown brings its iPhone app for ‘smarter meetings’ beyond the UK and into 21 new markets ...

Launching for iPhone back in early March, Lowdown is setting out on a mission to enable smarter meetings. It may even know more about your meetings than you do – it displays where your meeting is, how to get there and how long it takes. Not to mention displaying photos and profiles of the other attendees, garnered from their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


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To begin with, however, Lowdown was focused entirely on the UK. But as of a recent update, it’s available in 21 new markets – including Australia, Finland, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Israel, Italy, United States, and Ireland.

Lowdown certainly gives a glimpse into the future of ‘smart apps’, with automation very much the name of the game here. If you connect your email account, for example, it analyzes your inbox to reel in any data associated with the meeting, including any exchanges that have taken place between attendees. It’s all about surfacing contextual data that will be of use throughout the entire meeting process.

Although the fully-featured version of Lowdown does have a 30-day free trial period, if you want to sign up permanently, it’ll cost you $6.99 per month, or $69.99 a year. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to your current and next meetings only.

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