DueDil, the platform with information on over 9 million UK businesses and 15 million directors, has announced that the third version of its API for developers wanting to integrate the business look-up service.

Available now, the newest API includes DueDil’s advanced search features, allowing users to define customer and potential customer profiles based on filters like growth rates, location, size and more.

The release is looking to fix the age-old problem of managing customer information in CRM systems by enabling DueDil users to embed and then automatically update the DueDil platform inside their own operations. The idea is that this leaves more time for other aspects of the business and sales team to concentrate on, rather than having to keep records up to date.

The update comes less than a month after the company secured $17 million of Series B financing in a round led by Oak Investment Partners – making a total of $22 million raised in the last 11 months.

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock