Evernote today updated its Penultimate handwriting iPad app with easier pen selection and stylus pairing, natural gestures for turning digital pages and a fresh note layout for its regular Evernote apps.

The pen selection menu was redesigned for today’s update, giving users the ability to set a default color for each pen width. While the full range of color options are still available, it means Penultimate aficionados can set up a few of their favorite marker combinations for quick access.


This part of the app also sports a new area for connecting the ‘Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus‘ by Adonit. A large ‘Connect’ button is displayed for easy pairing and the selection menu now shows the battery percentage for the stylus too.

For this release, Evernote also worked on page navigation. Like an e-reader app, users can now turn the page by swiping in from the side of the screen.


Finally, notes created in Penultimate have a new layout in the regular Evernote apps. The company says the page separations are now clearer than before, with a grey border to ensure every scribble really jumps off the screen.

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Penultimate | iOS

Headline image via lyre / Flickr