The BBC today updated its iPlayer apps for iOS and Android, adding a couple of important features for Chromecast owners in the UK.

Across both platforms, it’s now possible to pause a program that was casting to a TV and then resume playback from the exact same spot inside the iPlayer app. So if your family shares a TV, or your significant other wants to watch the latest episode of Mad Men, you can grab your smartphone or tablet and continue watching without any interruptions.

In many cases, Chromecast streaming should also remove the need for a traditional TV signal. In the iOS version, BBC has added support for simulcast programmes. So if an episode, film or documentary is available live through iPlayer, it should now be possible to watch that content on a TV.

Another useful update for people who have their Chromecast connected to a PC monitor, or perhaps struggle with a consistent TV signal. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t appear to be in the Android version just yet, although it’s possible the BBC will add it in a future update.

Finally, the BBC has a new pop-up window advertizing its dedicated iPlayer Radio app. It’s a sublime piece of software and worth downloading for your smartphone or tablet if you haven’t done so already.

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Featured Image Credit – Getty Images