Remember WonderVoice, the app that wants to be Siri for Facebook? Well, it’s recently been given a bit of a spit-shine in the App Store.

To recap, WonderVoice lets you ‘speak’ a command to like a post, listen to comments, save for later and more. And it’s not just Facebook it works with, you can also ask the app to tell you the best parking spots in your locale, and send messages by saying, for example, “Send message to Billy”.

WonderVoice_3viewWith the latest release, it not only sports a brand-spanking new design, but also integration with Glympse (previous coverage), meaning you can share your location with specific friends simply by saying “Share my location with ‘name'” – they will then receive a Glympse link to view your location. Additionally, Pocket (previous coverage) integration now means you can save articles with your voice to read or view later.

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Feature Image Credit – YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images