Pressgram, the iOS app launched last year that replicates Instagram without being tied to the Facebook-owned platform, has released a major update which removes its in-app social network, among other things.


The change will mean that users are unable to follow one and other inside the app from the end of March. Founder John Saddington previously explained that he didn’t believe there was a need for “another social network,” while he also says the feature goes against the app’s “publish first” mantra and is an additional and unnecessary cost to bear.

Pressgram is founded on the principle of owning your own content, and — on the positive side — version 2.0 has expanded the number of social sharing platforms to nine, including Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Users can now post images to multiple sites at the same time, and add multiple images to a single post — a $1.99 in-app purchase unlocks a range of new editing tools.

➤ Pressgram for iOS | Via Pressgram Blog

Thumbnail image via Elliot Bennett / Flickr