BlackBerry is going back to its enterprise roots after it announced a set of new security features for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) that cater to the needs of its corporate users.

The company has pushed BBM as a consumer product for some time — launching Android and iOS apps last year — but it says that the ‘the eBBM Suite,’ which launches this summer, will enable more secure level of communications which corporate customers require. The first feature from the suite is BBM Protected, which BlackBerry says provides end-to-end message encryption of messages, public-private signing and other advanced security technologies.

Yesterday, Nokia announced a partnership to put BBM on its Windows Phone devices, emphasizing BlackBerry’s consumer play. With 80 million active users, BBM trails WhatsApp and other chat apps, but the enterprise space remains a strong spot for the service.

➤ eBBM Suite: Finally – A Mobile Messaging Platform for the Security Conscious [BlackBerry]

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Headline image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images