24me, the personal assistant app for iOS devices, has been updated today to include a new feature that merges its digital functionality into real life situations.

Available only in the US for now, and still in beta, the ‘Assistants for Everyone’ feature introduced today will allow users to call upon real-life help to get their tasks done — whether that’s sending a gift out that you forgot or any other kind of errand. All you need to do is pick your task, set the amount you’re willing to pay and fire off the request – all powered by TaskRabbit within 24me’s app.

“Based on the user’s task content, 24me offers all type of assistants, from cleaners to clean the house, delivery service to pick [up] packages and take-aways, shopping, Handymen, Research, Office/Admin, etc.,” 24me’s co-founder and CMO Liat Mordechay Hertanu says.

New features

In addition to launching the new beta feature in the US, 24me also introduced an Agenda/List or Monthly view for the calendar, as well as adding a calendar filter so users can easily select which calendar they want to see.

Blending the digital and real world is an interesting idea for a personal assistant app, and one that could help it stand out in a crowded marketplace. However, implementing real-world tasks could also have privacy implications that the company will need to navigate carefully with users. It’s also a lot harder to scale this sort of feature into other markets, but we’ve asked if ‘Smart Assistants for Everyone’ will be available outside of US borders and will let you know if we hear back.

➤ 24me